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Lenovo found itself in a bit of hot water when some customers started noticing weird sponsored links in the search results on their brand-new PCs. The culprit it turns out was a little piece of adware called Superfish the company was shipping on laptops. The company listened to customer complaints and turned off the server-side portion of the app in January. It also stopped preinstalling Superfish on new machines around the same time. While Lenovo said originally that it had "temporarily removed" the software from new machines while its developers worked on an update to address concerns, it now says that it will not preload the software ever again.

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Adblock plus Internet ExplorerPopular ad-blocking browser add-on AdBlock Plus is now available on Internet Explorer, through a preview version published by the AdBlock team. While the software is rough around the edges at this stage and has very few features or settings - which is to be expected from beta software - it does function to remove ads from around the web.

The add-on is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and above, and after you install it thanks to the download available in the source link it will be disabled by default, so you'll likely need a few browser restarts and some settings trawling before it works.

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firefox for win 8Mozilla is making progress in its effort to bring Firefox to Windows 8′s new Metro environment. Firefox for Windows 8 was announced earlier this year and will support both the traditional desktop Windows environment and the new Metro interface designed for tablets and other touchscreen devices.

Mozilla’s Brian Bondy, a member of the team tasked with bringing Firefox to Metro, reports that the browser is up and running. "You can navigate the web, create tabs, bookmark pages, build history, retain cache, adjust preferences, and more," writes Bondy in a blog post reporting Mozilla’s Metro progress.

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MozillaSecurity vulnerabilities in the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment that were patched in a February release pose such a security risk to browser users that the Mozilla Foundation has added older versions of the Java plugin to Firefox’s blocklist, disabling them from running within the browser.

In a post to Mozilla’s Firefox Add-Ons blog, Mozilla channel manager Kev Needham said the vulnerability “is actively being exploited, and is a potential risk to users.” Currently, the blocklist includes only out-of-date versions of the Java 6 and Java 7 plugins for Windows, but Needham said that an entry for the Mac OS X Java plugin “may be added at a future date.”

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Firefox 7Mozilla has now officially introduced the Firefox 7.0 browser for desktops (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and mobiles (Android). The desktop release comes with improved memory handling which enables lower memory usage, while the mobile build offers enhanced functionality.

Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux also includes the following:

- Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems

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