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Twitter USA TodayA group calling itself “The Script Kiddies” hacked USA Today’s Twitter account this weekend and used it to solicit requests for future targets and even to promote its own Facebook page. Although this recent hack seems like more of a childish prank, this group is being taken seriously by the FBI due to its earlier hacks involving false terrorism claims posted to NBC’s Twitter account.

Just days before this year’s anniversary of 9/11, The Script Kiddies posted news that Ground Zero was attacked to @nbcnews, demonstrating a callousness for human tragedy that was seriously disturbing.


Now the group is back in action, taunting Twitter, stroking their egos and asking for your support on Facebook.

One of the tweets pointed to the @script_kiddiez_ Twitter account, which now appears to be suspended. USA Today is also back in control of its account, and has posted an apology.

Source : Techcrunch

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