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ZyngaWhile Facebook has helped propel Zynga to one of the world’s leading provider of social game services, it looks like the company is going to break free with a platform of its own.

Called Zynga Platform, it is designed to give users new ways to play their games and more people to play with (though I’m not sure how Zynga can get more people who aren’t already on Facebook). In addition to letting users play Zynga games, the Zynga Platform will also be hosting games from other developers.

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Kim SmitzIn his first extensive interview since leaving a New Zealand prison on bail, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom  describes himself as a family man with a "big kid inside me" who is looking for "happiness and nature and peace" for his family. Sure, he used to drive in crazy road races and style himself “Dr. Evil” and hire lavish yachts, but those days are a decade behind him now.

It's a far cry from the way he has been depicted by US law enforcemt.en They charged the “Mega conspiracy” in January with some of the most heinous criminal copyright violations on the planet.

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With technology being the driving force that keeps your business running efficiently, there is a growing need for IT/Data center products. Within a very short period of time, Geelers, Inc. has provided efficient and effective solutions to their customer base by rising to the top and proving to become the leader in discounted IT products in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In this day and age, access to the right product is critical to many businesses. Geelers is a company that understands this and delivers their promise of being one of the best choices in IT products in the marketplace.

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New recyclable plasticOrganic polymers can be used to create materials with very distinct properties (both good and bad). For example, thermoset materials resist heat and solvents, making them extremely durable and allowing them to be used in the oven. The downside is that, once they're made, that's it—no recycling. Thermoplastics are stable below a set temperature, but they can be melted, allowing them to be remade into new materials. Unfortunately, they don't hold up very well to solvents.

Now, researchers are saying they've created a third option, one that acts like a thermoplastic at high temperatures but can hold up to most solvents. The material's secret? An embedded catalyst that allows chemical bonds to constantly rearrange. The material's desired properties can be tuned based on the polymer it's made from and how much catalyst remains.

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xbox liveUsers worldwide are experiencing connection issues with the xbox live service. I got kicked out in the middle of playing Bad Company 2. It seems like the whole service is offline as even on the website it pops out an error saying that the service in unavailable. There is a service alert on xbox support website saying that they are working on solving the problem.

We just hope they are not hacked like the  playstation network several months ago.

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