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IT Technology News Tue, 04 Aug 2015 17:49:17 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Apple scores $1bn win over Samsung in patents lawsuit

Apple Vs SamsungApple has won a victory in its landmark patent infringement battle with Samsung.

A US District Court jury on Friday found that Samsung's Android devices infringed patents related to Apple's devices and IOS operating system. The jury awarded Apple roughly $1bn in damages, according to reports from the San Jose, California courtroom.

The decision comes just two days after both companies delivered their closing arguments and the jury began deliberations. Apple had sought at least $2.5bn in damages.

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Look to the skies: Is it time to stop worrying and love the drone?

DroneThe wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere) have driven the rapid development over the past decade of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—robotic planes flown by some combination of remote “pilot” operators, software, and GPS navigation. Ranging in size from that of a flying model kit to full-sized aircraft, UAVs, also referred to as unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), have done everything from spotting roadside bombs to bombing alleged Al-Qaeda hideouts—and now they’re ready for civilian jobs.

As war efforts wind down, the military is preparing to bring home the over 7,500 UAVs deployed overseas—and the companies that build them are looking to create a domestic market for the technology.

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No more Beats headphones with your HTC?

HTC no more beats audioDespite all the hype, opening up the API, and recently scooping up a music streaming service, we might have seen the end of Beats brand plugs being bundled in with HTC phones.

Martin Fichter, a product executive for the phone manufacturer, told CNET that "If they want a Beats headphone, they'll buy it directly," suggesting that the lure of the in-the-box pair just wasn't strong enough for those with a penchant for bass.


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MPAA doesn't want MegaUpload to get its servers back

MPAA The Motion Picture Association of America told a federal court that it opposes any plan allowing MegaUpload to buy back its servers, and that it also opposes allowing former users to access their files if it means that pirated movies would be available again on the filesharing site, reports CNET.

The MPAA explained its uncompromising position in an eight-page response to a motion filed by Carpathia Hosting, which is the company that maintains MegaUpload's 25,000 former servers. Two weeks ago, Carpathia Hosting said that the maintenance costs of MegaUpload's servers had exceeded $500,000, and the company wants the court to either help out with mitigating those costs, or allow it to wipe the servers so they can be used elsewhere, presumably for paying customers who are not under federal investigation.

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Zynga to launch Zynga Platform

ZyngaWhile Facebook has helped propel Zynga to one of the world’s leading provider of social game services, it looks like the company is going to break free with a platform of its own.

Called Zynga Platform, it is designed to give users new ways to play their games and more people to play with (though I’m not sure how Zynga can get more people who aren’t already on Facebook). In addition to letting users play Zynga games, the Zynga Platform will also be hosting games from other developers.

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Megaupload takedown a "death sentence without trial," says Kim Dotcom

Kim SmitzIn his first extensive interview since leaving a New Zealand prison on bail, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom  describes himself as a family man with a "big kid inside me" who is looking for "happiness and nature and peace" for his family. Sure, he used to drive in crazy road races and style himself “Dr. Evil” and hire lavish yachts, but those days are a decade behind him now.

It's a far cry from the way he has been depicted by US law enforcemt.en They charged the “Mega conspiracy” in January with some of the most heinous criminal copyright violations on the planet.

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