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FacebookSOME SOCIAL NETWORK USERS have been presented with a changed web page layout on Facebook, including a merged and separate live news feed.

In a sudden revamping the popular social networking web site has merged the 'top news' and 'most recent' news feeds into one. The top stories are highlighted with a blue marker and pictures are displayed in larger sizes in a new layout.


Another modification is that a news feed, known as the 'live ticker' has been added to the chat sidebar on the right hand side. This shows more up to date, in theory in real-time, posts but does seem to include duplicate news from the main feed. When you hover your mouse over a post you get a pop up preview window of whatever it might be. The sidebar can still be hidden like before.

If you're one of the users who has been given the change and doesn't like it, then it's possible to revert back to the old style. Simply go to your account settings and set the language to English (UK). This might only get you back to the old style temporarily, however.

Other alterations that are expected to be announced tomorrow at the Facebook conference included a remodeled profile page and tie-ins with media companies, according to the Daily Mail.

New buttons will be added in this section. These will be 'read', 'watched' and 'listened' buttons, with a possible 'want' button.

Facebook introduced these surprise changes only a day after Google+ was opened to everyone.

The reaction from users has not been very positive so far, with comments including "Facebook, please stop changing things," and, "I hate the new layout. I hate that you have turned what I see into a popularity contest."

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