Rumor: Is Facebook pushing for better search features?

Facebook is by far the biggest social network with over 845 million registered users, and counting. It's also preparing for its big public stock offering which could value the company at $100 billion or more. But heavy Facebook users also know that its search features

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Created on 22 September 2011

GoogleGoogle might have increased Microsoft's ad rates 50 fold, a Bloomberg report says.

Someone familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is looking into the rate increase.

It will also be looking into other allegations against Google about advertising as a result of complaints from Microsoft.

This is part of a larger antitrust probe into Google that began earlier this year, the source told Bloomberg.

An antitrust lawyer at Doyle Barlow & Mazard PLLC in Washington, Andre Barlow, told Bloomberg that, if true, the Microsoft allegations could be used to help the FTC build a case showing that Google has abused its power as the owner of the world's most popular search engine, violating the Sherman Act and other antitrust laws.

Created on 22 September 2011

FacebookSOME SOCIAL NETWORK USERS have been presented with a changed web page layout on Facebook, including a merged and separate live news feed.

In a sudden revamping the popular social networking web site has merged the 'top news' and 'most recent' news feeds into one. The top stories are highlighted with a blue marker and pictures are displayed in larger sizes in a new layout.

Created on 08 June 2011

Android Demo KitAt a time where millions of games are available in your pocket, going back to playing actual board games can be dull. However, there are ways of keeping a board game's charm while adding a little bit of geekery to it, too.

RealMaze, created by software technician "PCDev", is a cool and quirky take on the Labyrinth board game (you know, the one where you guide a ball through a tilting maze without falling down the holes) using an Android phone and a DemoKit. The idea is based off Google's own ball maze demo presented at Google I/O 2011--albeit a scaled down version with a few tweaks to the phone's controls.

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